What is Landdding?

Landdding is that place where great web designs can be submitted to share their creative designs. Websites get high visibility among Landdding audience and abroad. Brands will get upvotes from the audience depending how much they like them. At the end of 24h, three most voted websites will be labeled with badges of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

How many websites can I submit?

As much as you like. Our only recommendation is, try providing value to the audience with quality websites.

Can I schedule my site submission?

Yes. You can upload the website details and schedule the submission.

What does “Web of the Day” mean?

Website of the Day means that among all of the submissions that Landdding had that day, X website received the most upvotes by the community.

Can I edit my previous submitted site?

Yes, you can. Under your Public Profile, navigate to the top right corner of your submitted site, and find the Edit button.

What are Streaks and how to earn them? 🔥

Streaks express your loyalty visiting Landdding. One streak is earned in 24h when visiting Landdding.

What type of websites can I submit?

Websites that sell, buy, promote, learn... you name it 😎 (exluding, gambling, liquor, drogs & similar)

Can I publically share my winning badge?

First, congrats 🎉. Then, yes you can share it on your social media, etc.

How much should I pay for a site submission?

A smile of yours. 🙂